Arthur’s Seat Kandy Sri Lanka: Exploring the Enchanting Beauty of the Hilltop

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Welcome to the mesmerizing world of Arthur’s Seat in Kandy, Sri Lanka! Nestled amidst the scenic landscapes and lush greenery, Arthur’s Seat offers a captivating experience that will leave you spellbound. This article is your ultimate guide to discover the hidden wonders, breathtaking views, and rich history of Arthur’s Seat in Kandy, Sri Lanka.

Arthur’s Seat Kandy Sri Lanka: Unveiling the Magnificence

Arthur’s Seat, located in Kandy, Sri Lanka, is a prominent hilltop that boasts panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. This natural wonder stands tall at an elevation of [insert elevation] feet and offers an unparalleled experience to all its visitors. Arthur’s Seat has become a popular destination for nature enthusiasts, adventure seekers, and those seeking a peaceful escape from the bustling city life with its serene atmosphere and picturesque surroundings,

The Legend Behind Arthur’s Seat

According to local folklore, there was tea planter the name called Arthur during British colonial era and he used to spend his leisure time on the stone seat located in front of his bungalow. Later this place has become famous tourist attraction due wonderful view point of Kandy.

The Beauty of Arthur’s Seat: A Visual Extravaganza

Prepare to be mesmerized by the breathtaking beauty that awaits you at Arthur’s Seat. From its lush green surroundings to the awe inspiring views, every moment spent here will leave an indelible mark on your heart.

  1. Panoramic Views of Kandy
    As you reach the pinnacle of Arthur’s Seat, you will be greeted by an awe-inspiring vista of Kandy city. It’s create a breathtaking sight with the the panoramic views of the city, enveloped by mist covered mountains and emerald green forests. Capture this magical moment in your camera and cherish it forever.
  2. Sunrise and Sunset Delights
    Witnessing a sunrise or sunset from Arthur’s Seat is an experience like no other. As the sun paints the sky with vibrant hues of orange, pink, and gold, the entire landscape undergoes a breathtaking transformation.

Exploring Arthur’s Seat: Things to Do and Places to Visit

Arthur’s Seat Trekking Trail: Embark on an exciting trekking adventure and explore the well-marked trails of Arthur’s Seat.

Temple of the Tooth: Located in the vicinity of Arthur’s Seat, the Temple of the Tooth (Sri Dalada Maligawa) is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a must-visit destination. This sacred temple houses the relic of the tooth of Lord Buddha, which is highly revered by Buddhists around the world.

Royal Botanical Gardens: Located in Just a short distance away from Arthur’s Seat. garden showcase a stunning collection of plants, flowers, and trees from all over the world. Stroll through the well manicured paths, breathe in the fragrant air, and lose yourself in the tranquility of nature.

Kandy Lake: A visit to Arthur’s Seat is incomplete without exploring the picturesque Kandy Lake. Take a leisurely walk along the serene lakeside, enjoy the cool breeze, and witness the locals engaged in various recreational activities. The lake provides a perfect backdrop for photography enthusiasts, especially during sunset when the sky reflects on the calm waters.

Udawattekele Sanctuary: Nature lovers will find solace in the Udawattekele Sanctuary, a lush forest reserve situated close to Arthur’s Seat. Embark on a nature trail, encounter diverse flora and fauna, and embrace the serenity of this verdant paradise. Keep an eye out for monkeys swinging from tree to tree, adding a touch of adventure to your exploration.

FAQs about Arthur’s Seat Kandy Sri Lanka

Q1: How can I reach Arthur’s Seat in Kandy, Sri Lanka?
A1: To reach Arthur’s Seat, you can hire a taxi or tuk-tuk from Kandy city center. It’s a short and scenic journey that takes approximately 20 minutes.

Q2: Is there an entrance fee to visit Arthur’s Seat?
A2: No, there is no entrance fee to visit Arthur’s Seat. It is open to the public.

Q3: Are there any accommodations near Arthur’s Seat?
A3: Yes, there are several accommodations available in close proximity to Arthur’s Seat. As per your preference there is range of hotels to select from luxurious to budget friendly guesthouses.

Q4: Can I witness wildlife at Arthur’s Seat?
A4: While Arthur’s Seat itself doesn’t have abundant wildlife, nearby forests and reserves like Udawattekele Sanctuary offer opportunities to spot various species of birds, monkeys, and other small animals.

Q5: Is it possible to have a picnic at Arthur’s Seat?
A5: Yes, you can have a picnic at Arthur’s Seat. The hilltop provides ample space and beautiful surroundings to enjoy a relaxing picnic with your loved ones.

Q6: Are there any safety precautions to consider while visiting Arthur’s Seat?
A6: It’s important to wear comfortable walking shoes and carry sufficient water while visiting Arthur’s Seat. The hilltop can be steep in some areas, so be cautious and mindful of your surroundings.


Arthur’s Seat in Kandy, Sri Lanka, is a captivating destination that offers a perfect blend of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and serenity. Whether you’re an adventure enthusiast, a nature lover, or simply seeking a peaceful getaway, Arthur’s Seat will not disappoint. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking views, explore the nearby attractions, and create memorie that will last a lifetime.

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