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Yala National Park is a haven for exotic animals in Sri Lanka’s southeastern corner. and park is spread of area about 979 square kilometers, the park is an important habitat for many kinds of flora and fauna. Leopards and elephants draw safari-goers to the park.

Yala National Park

Planning for the Safari

The time of year to go to Yala National Park

The dry season (February–July) is best for Yala. Because of the water shortage, park animals gathered around the remaining drinking holes, making safari viewing easier. Also, the weather is dry and bright, making it easier to move throughout the park.
During the monsoon season (August–January), heavy rains may wash off park roads, making it impossible to access. during this period it’s hard to see animals on a safari since they are spread out on this period.
In addition, Yala is closed for repair throughout the month of September. Visit during the dry season to increase your chances of seeing wildlife, and prepare ahead by booking a safari.

The different types of safaris available and their costs

Travelers may tailor their safari experience in Yala National Park by choosing from a variety of tour options. The following is a breakdown of the various safari options and the prices associated with them:

  • The most common safari activity in Yala is a jeep safari. generally one jeep can accommodate up to six passengers, and you will be get the driver of authorized tour guide. Prices ranges for Jeep safaris may vary runs up to from $50 to $100 per person, depending on the season of year and vehicle type.
  • For the most daring, Yala National Park also provides guided walking safaris. The walking safaris provide guests to see, hear, and smell the park like never before. Walking safaris may cost anything from $60 to $100 per person.
  • Yala National Park is a birdwatcher’s dream, with more than 200 different kinds of birds to see on a guided safari. Both a car safari and a walking safari may be added to the birding safari. A birding excursion might set you back anything from $60 to $100 per person.
  • Yala National Park is a photographer’s paradise because to its varied terrain and abundance of species. A photography safari van has spots to connect equipment and bean bags to stabilize your camera. A photographic safari might set you back anything from $100 to $200 per traveler.

The importance of booking the safari in advance and where to book from.

The key to a stress-free and pleasurable safari is advanced planning. Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t wait to schedule your safari via Yala National Park:

  • Demand for safaris in Yala National Park, a renowned tourist attraction, may be considerable during the park’s busiest times of year. Those that plan beforehand have a better chance of getting their desired safari experience.
  • Price: Several tour companies provide savings to customers who book in advance.
  • Booking ahead helps you plan your trip, including transportation to and from the park, staying overnight, and other activities.

In order to reserve a safari in Yala National Park, you may do so either through the park’s administration or with a travel operator. Packages from tour providers often include lodging, transportation, and additional excursions. Prior to making a reservation its recommend to check pricing with several service providers.
If you not interested to booking via third party booking site, it’s best to book directly with the park. In contrast to using a travel agency, this choice often results in significant savings. Be sure you’re dealing with a legitimate company or the official park booking service if you want to have a safe and fun day.

Packing advice for a safari and what to dress

  • It’s recommended wear covered shoes that completely cover your toes and are sturdy enough to withstand the rigors of walking on rough terrain. Also its better not to wear open-toed shoes or sandals If you want to protect your feet from harm or insect bites.
  • Also recommended to wear wide brimmed hat and bring some sunscreen and sunglasses to protect from hot sun.
  • there may be mosquito and other insects can be find in the park or near area, hence better to bring insect repellent to protect yourself.
  • Equipment for spotting and photographing native habitat of wildlife, including binoculars and a camera with a zoom lens. Extra batteries and memory cards are also recommended.
  • The safari might take many hours, so bring food and beverages.
  • Yala National Park is best visited in the dry season, although severe rainstorms may occur at any time.

The Yala National Park Experience

Yala, Sri Lanka’s most visited park, is known for its beautiful scenery and diverse wildlife. Elephants, leopards, sloth bears, crocodiles, and more than 200 bird species live in the park’s 900 square kilometers.
Safaris in Yala National Park allow close encounters with the animals. Safaris are incredible and humbling.
Most Yala visitors take Jeep safaris. Open-air jeeps seat six and have no roof, making for a private adventure. Park guides educate visitors about the park’s history, ecology, and preservation efforts.
The park ecosystems include forests, swamps and grasslands. Crocodiles and waterbirds live in the park’s lakes, rivers, and streams.
Yala’s leopards attract visitors. This park is consider as one of the world’s highest leopard densities living there, so you’re likely to see one on safari. Watch out for the elephant, sloth bear, spotted deer, and sambar deer.
The highly endangered black-necked stork and Sri Lanka’s national bird, the junglefowl, are among the park’s bird species. Birdwatching safaris let visitors see and photograph the park’s birds.
Yala National Park is a great place to see exotic animals and pristine wilderness. This park is a must-see for Sri Lanka visitors due to its stunning scenery, abundant wildlife, and thrilling safari.


Yala National Park has several accommodation options, as expected in such a popular destination. Area consist with many Hotels, lodges, and campgrounds to select from different range from cheap to expensive.
Here are some Yala National Park hotels.
Five-star hotels near Yala National Park offer luxurious stays. These hotels have large, modern rooms with excellent service. The area has many five-star hotels, including Chena Huts by Uga Escapes, Cinnamon Wild Yala, and Jetwing Yala.
Near Yala National Park, budget hotels abound. The park’s budget-friendly hotels are convenient. Priyankara Hotel, Yala Safari Camping, and Hotel Leopard Nest are among the affordable options.
Campsites: The park has campsites for nature lovers. Campsites have tents and portable toilets. Visitors must bring food and camping gear. Campers can choose from Yala Safari Camping, Mahoora Tented Safari Camp, and Leopard Trails Yala.
Yala National Park visitors can also stay in a guesthouse or home stay. It will give visitors a better sense about the area and its people. Yala Eco Tree House, Green Park Guesthouse, and Yala Village Home stay are among the numerous suggested accommodations.

Conclusion of Yala National park

To watch the Sri Lanka’s most beautiful animals in their natural habitat you must visit the Yala National Park. Visiting Yala National Park is a lifetime experience, due to its wide variety of ecosystems and wildlife.
To maximize your safari, plan for weather and terrain and select a hotel that fits your budget and interests.
Yala is a must-see for everyone who claims to appreciate nature, enjoy animals, or seek adventure. Yala National Park’s breathtaking beauty, many species, and enjoyable activities make it a must-see.

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