Udawalawe National Park

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General Features of Udawalawe National Park

National Park was established on 30th June 1972 and Udawalawe national park is the 3rd most visited national park in Sri Lanka. Udawalawe park is located in 146km from Colombo and 20km away from Amibilipitya. Udawalawa National pak is managed by Department of Wildlife Conservation of Sri Lanka (DWC). Udawala National park is best locations to sigthed bears, Lepords, Elephants, crocodiles, sambur and spotted deer, langur monkeys, giant flying squirrels, porcupines and Jungle cats. also Udawalawe is rich with wide variety of birds. the Elephant Transit Home most famous amoung touirst located in 5Km from west of the national park and daily feeding sessions are available to sighted at 9am, noon, 3pm, 6pm. Udawalawe National Park covers an area of hectares 32,315.

Udawalawe National Park spread in wet and dry zones in Sri Lanka and getting an 1,500 millimetres annual rainfall during the year and most of rainfall during the October – January & March – May. Also humidity varies from 70% to 83%. and The average 27–28 °C (81–82 °F) of annual temperature is available.

Flora & Fauna of Udawalawe National Park

Udawalawe is rich with lrge population of elephants, udawalawe is one of the best park to sigthning elepahants in open habitas due to most of elepahants attract to open grassland and Udawalawe reservoir. Further Udawalawe is one of the best bird watching site. it home to many endemic brids such as Sri Lankan jungle fowl , Sri Lankan super fowl, brown capped babbler , Sri Lankan grey hornbill, red faced malkoha, and many number of migrated birds.Park is rich with variety of plants, amoung those Wild Jasmine, Erythroxylon zeylanicum, Memecylon petiolatum are few endemic plants found in park.

Reptiles and Fish

Udawalawe is home to many Repltiles and Fish varities. it has approximately 33 reptiles vatieties such as Mugger Corcodile, Oriental garden Lizard, snakes, Bengal monitor and Asian water monotor. Further is has about 21 fish varities such as Giant hourami, Rohu, Oreochromis and Rohu.

Things to Follow While Visiting Park

  • Do not throw grabage inside the Park area.
  • Maintain Silence while Safari and maintain minimum and advised speed of vehicles, its will help to observe more observe animals such as Mammals, Reptiles and birds.
  • Do not feed Animals and damage to plants and other items.
  • Smoking inside the Park is strictly prohibited.
  • Do not get down from your Vehicles.


What is the best time to visit?
Udawalawe is open on all 365 day for safari, however it is recommended to visit during May to September dry season of each year.
Entrance Fees

1 Person 14,920.00 Rupees
2 Persons 25,080.00 Rupees
3 Persons 35,250.00 Rupees
4 Persons 45,400.00 Rupees
5 Persons 55,550.00 Rupees
6 Persons 65,720.00 Rupees
7 Persons 80,450.00 Rupees
8 Persons 90,610.00 Rupees
9 Persons 100,770.00 Rupees
10 Persons 110,930.00 Rupees
Note – Rates are as per the update tariff and calculated exchange rate 1 USD = 360 Rupees. prices can be changed without prior notice.
How long will it takes to Udawalawe National Park Jeep Safari?
Regular jeep safari will take 3 – 4 hours but full day or half day safari is available to have a better experience.
Can buy Entrance Ticket online?

How many people can accommodate in one jeep at Udawalawe National Park?
1 Jeep can accommodate maximum 6 persons, But 3 – 4 persons in one jeep is more comfortable.
Is night safari is allowed in national Park?
No, it’s not allowed
What is the best time to see wildlife?

Early morning or afternoon hours.

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