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Hambantota Bird Park

Hambantota is located on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, and important economic center for tourist attraction in recent years. Travelers from many countries visit to the city to experience its plenty of intriguing attractions, including its historic landmarks and breathtaking natural beauty. This article will discuss some of the best things to do in Hambantota, Sri Lanka, including visiting cultural and historical landmarks, participating in exciting outdoor pursuits, sampling delicious regional food, and partying the night away. Hambantota caters to every kind of traveler, including attractions for those interested in history, the outdoors, adventure, and fine dining. Thus, let us plunge in and explore everything that Hambantota has to offer!

Historical and Cultural Sites

History and culture define Hambantota. Godawaya port ruins lie 20 km east of the city. King Dappula IV developed the port in the seventh century, making ancient Sri Lanka a maritime trading hub. Visitors may see the port’s ruined jetty, storehouse, and guardhouse. Godawaya Raja Maha Vihara is close.
15 kilometers southeast of Hambantota lies the coastline of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Bundala National Park. Elephants, crocodiles, and 200 bird species inhabit the park. Colonial British hunters utilized the park. The park has hiking trails, vehicle safaris, and the 3rd-century BC Bundala Archaeological Reserve.
The Magampura Mahinda Rajapaksa Port, one of South Asia’s largest and a symbol of Sri Lanka’s economic development, the Hambantota Cultural Centre, which showcases the region’s traditional arts and crafts, and the Mulkirigala Rock Temple, a Buddhist temple built into a rocky outcrop with breathtaking views, are among Hambantota’s historical and cultural sites.

Their significance and what visitors can expect to see – Things to do in Hambantota

The ancient port of Godawaya supported Sri Lanka’s economy. Chinese, Arabic, and Asian commodities replaced spices, jewels, and pearls. The port’s ruins show the country’s nautical origins, and their coastal position made them a trading center.
Godawaya’s port remains include a large jetty, storehouse, and guardhouse. Godawaya Raja Maha Vihara, Sri Lanka’s oldest and most revered Buddhist temple, may be visited. famous for its ancient stone sculptures and modern historical temple murals.
Migratory and indigenous bird species enrich Bundala National Park’s vegetation and animal life. The park preserves endangered reptiles, amphibians, and creatures, including the Indian elephant and fishing cat.
Elephants, crocodiles, monkeys, and numerous bird species may be seen in Bundala National Park on walking and vehicle safaris. The park features a third-century BC Buddhist stupa and monastery. These historic structures might reveal local history and culture.

Things to do in Hambantota : Outdoor Activities

  • Outdoor enthusiasts enjoy Hambantota. Top Hambantota outdoor activities:
  • Surfers visit Hikkaduwa, 120 kilometers west of Hambantota, Sri Lanka. Surfers of all levels enjoy the regular waves.
  • Whale-watching is popular at Mirissa, 70 km east of Hambantota. Sightseeing boat cruises may expose blue whales, sperm whales, and others.
  • One of Sri Lanka’s most visited parks, Yala National Park, is a great safari Jeep trip location with elephants, leopards, and many birds. Tourists may go on safari by driving around the park.
  • Kalpitiya, 170 kilometers northwest of Hambantota, is a kitesurfing destination. Beginners like the constant breezes and flat, tiny seas.
  • Pigeon Island National Park, northeast of Hambantota, offers snorkeling and diving. Snorkelers and divers enjoy the island’s pristine waters and marine life.

Hikkaduwa’s year-round warm water and regular waves provide for fantastic surfing. Surfboards and lessons are nearby. Top surf tour companies include Hikkaduwa Surf School, Surfing Wombats, and Wave Riding Surf School.
Blue, Sperm, dolphin, and sea turtle sightings are possible off Mirissa. Whale-watching trips take 3–5 hours, November–April. Raja & the Whales, Mirissa Water Sports, and Whale Watching Club provide the best Mirissa whale watching trips.
Yala National Park safaris may expose you to elephants, leopards, deer, and numerous birds. Morning and afternoon safari jeep rides are popular. Leopard Trails, Yala Adventure, and Yala Safari Camping provide thrilling Yala National Park vehicle safaris.
Kalpitiya’s steady winds and gentle waves make kite surfing popular. Kite surfing is popular, and training and gear are available nearby. Kite surfing Lanka, Kite Center Sri Lanka, and Wind4Love Kite Center are well-known Kalpitiya kitesurfing operators.
Pigeon Island has clean waters which is perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving. Trincomalee hires gear for snorkeling and diving trips. Dive for You, Ocean Quest, and Dive Zone provide the best Pigeon Island National Park snorkeling and diving trips.

Beaches and Water Sports

  • Hambantota’s beaches and water sports are on Sri Lanka’s southern coast. Hambantota’s greatest beaches and aquatic activities:
  • Golden-sand Tangalle Beach is 50 kilometers east of Hambantota. The beach is best for swimming, sunbathing and surfing.
  • Surfers and whale-watchers visit Mirissa Beach. Sunsets and the beach’s laid-back vibe are legendary.
  • Hambantota Beach is calmer. Swim, beach comb, and watch fishermen.
  • Visit Hambantota for water sports. Surf, windsurf, kite surf, paddle board, and jetski. Several beaches rent and sell equipment.
  • Hambantota’s marine fauna attracts snorkelers and divers. Discover shipwrecks, swim with colorful fish, and explore coral reefs. Pigeon Island, Kirinda, and Hikkaduwa are great for diving and snorkeling.

Things to do in Hambantota : Food and Drink

  • Sri Lankan local food is much popular in Hambantota, is a melting pot of tastes, spices and fragrances. Some of the greatest restaurants and bars in Hambantota are listed here.
  • Hambantota visitors should not leave Sri Lanka without trying the national dish: rice and curry. Steamed rice is served with a variety of curries cooked with meat, veggies, or seafood.
  • Hambantota’s coastal location makes fish an obvious culinary highlight. Items including Crab, Prawns Grilled fish and all made from fresh seafood are available to guests.
  • Hambantota is home to several excellent restaurants and food stands serving hoppers, a traditional Sri Lankan morning snack. Pancakes made with fermented rice flour and coconut milk, often accompanied with spicy sambal.
  • Kottu roti, is main Sri Lankan street cuisine, is produced by tossing cubes of roti bread, some veggies, an egg, and some spices into a pan and cooking until the bread is golden brown and the vegetables are tender. The cuisine of Hambantota has several variants on this theme.
  • Tea – Ceylon tea, for which Sri Lanka is renowned, may be purchased in any of Hambantota’s numerous tea stores.
  • Arrack, a popular alcoholic beverage in Sri Lanka, is fermented coconut blossom sap. It works as well in a glass on its own as in a cocktail.

Shopping and Nightlife

Hambantota may not have as many tourist attractions as other Sri Lankan cities, but it still offers enough. These are Hambantota’s best shops and attractions.
Residents and tourists shop in Hambantota’s Sunday Market for food, souvenirs, and other essentials. Discover the neighborhood and buy unique souvenirs in the market.
Hambantota’s street food booths provide a variety of snacks and meals. Tourists may stop for samosas, savory samosas, and kottu roti.
At one of Hambantota’s beachside bars, enjoy a drink, live music, and stunning ocean views. Shanthi Beach Bar, CoCoBay Unawatuna Beach Club, and Templeberg Villa are popular beachfront bars.
Despite Hambantota’s lack of nightlife, nearby towns offer plenty of options. Mirissa is famous for its beach bars, live music, and parties.
Hambantota shops sell ceramics, handwoven fabrics, and wooden carvings. The Hiriwadunna Craft Center and Koggala Handmade Village are recommended.


In conclusion, Hambantota is a must-see location in Sri Lanka due to its abundance of historical and cultural attractions, outdoor activities, exquisite food, and unique shopping and nightlife experiences. Hambantota is a great base from which to see the historic port of Godawaya, Bundala National Park, the waves of Hikkaduwa, the whales of Mirissa, and the rich cultural traditions of Sri Lanka. Guests may unwind at one of the beachside bars while shopping for one-of-a-kind mementos and local wares. If you’re searching for a vacation that has a little bit of everything—history, culture, and excitement—Hambantota is the place to go.

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