Street Foods in Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka is the country with rich history of cultivation and delicious cuisines. Sri Lankan are using cinnamon, tamarind, cloves, mace, nutmeg and much more to increase tasty of food, so Sri Lankan foods are famous around the world due it’s unique taste. Today most of the Travelers are in around the world like to try on street foods in any country, however it has many best places to try Street Foods in Sri Lanka and most visitors never forget to try on those while they travel.
Today many Street food Festivals are organizing near Colombo and other cities, which is attract more visitors. you can experience wonderful music while you tasting many varieties of foods there. these events most famous among both local and Foreign visitors.

What are the famous Street Foods In Sri Lanka

1. Kottu Roti

Street Foods in Sri Lanka - Kottu Roti

2. Rice and Curry

Street Foods in Sri Lanka - Rice and Curry

3. Dosa

Street Foods in Sri Lanka - Dosa

4. Fried Rice

Street Foods in Sri Lanka - Fried Rice

5. Hoppers

Street Foods in Sri Lanka - Hoppers

6. Samosas


7. Short Easts

Short East

8. BBQ


9. Pol Roti

Pol Roti

10. String Hoppers

String Hoppers

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