Migrant Birds to Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka is a beautiful tropical Asian country with a variety of weather conditions. Tourists and migratory animals flock to Sri Lanka’s pleasant climate and various ecosystems. chosen. Migratory birds are native to cold regions but reside in warmer areas and love warmth. They fly into countries with hot climates. They leave their native land and fly to Sri Lanka for their climatic needs. Ecosystems with such biodiversity are found in ninety countries. Due to its climate, habitat variety, and food, migratory birds love Sri Lanka.

Climatic and meteorological conditions for Migratory birds

Sri Lanka has various weather conditions such as dry, hot, and humid throughout the year. Due to living friendly climatic conditions, the most of migratory birds have made Sri Lanka as their destination.

Ecosystem With Biodiversity.

Sri Lanka has rich biodiversity with many different ecosystems such as rain forests, tropical rain forests, dry forests, arid ecosystems, mountain forest ecosystems and fresh & saltwater ecosystems, etc. There is another reason.

Having Food Sources That Are More Convenient For Migratory Birds’ Diets

Due to the above-mentioned biodiversity of Sri Lanka, the types of food available in each environment are also diverse. Rats are herbivores. The plant parts they eat are easily available to them. Different Fruits and nuts easily found in the forest, also various types of leaves and seeds are abundant. And carnivorous birds can eat animal flesh or fish according to their choice. It is also a good thing that it can be supplied as saltwater fish or freshwater fish, depending on the need. As expected, Sri Lanka has become the native migratory habitat for the majority of migratory birds.

As the birds who have thus made Sri Lanka their destination

  • Blue-tailed Bee-eater
  • Indian Pitta
  • Common Redshank
  • Barn Swallow
  • Birds like the Indian Paradise Fly-catcher can be introduced, and in addition to this, Sri Lanka provides its land as a habitat for many other birds. In this way, to increase the natural beauty of the environment, balance the biodiversity of its ecosystem, develop food chains, maintain food networks, and also introduce new birds, Sri Lanka also provides space for new generations.

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