Madu Ganga River Safari

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Madu Ganga located in Galle district in southern region of Sri Lanka and river flows through Balapitiya City. The river is flows through wet zone and flows about 4.4 km before it draining into the Indian Ocean.

Bio Diversity of Madu Ganga River

The Madu Ganga River is very rich with biodiversity. Madu River area surrounding with Mangrove forest it helps to prevent erosion. Special fact was 14 out of 24 mangrove spices are found in this area. The forest area spread through over 61 hectares which is nearly 150 acres. Madu river Forest consist with about 303 spices of plants, these plants help many wild animals for their daily living. Including wild boar, squirrels and monkeys are mainly living in the area. there is over 111 birds spices, 50 butterfly variation, 25 mollusks and 31 varieties of reptiles including crocodiles, snakes and lizards.

Further The lagoon provides ground to many fish spices for their breeding, fattening and spawning.
Further it has very prominent cultural heritage, with many ancient temples are located on the islands. Madu River helps to control flood with it’s mangrove forest.

Moreover, History states that there is about 64 Islands had been there including Madu River, however today only 25 Island can be seen most of other Islands are sunk under the water. Today some of the Islands are inhabited and “Koth Duwa” is one of the largest inhabited Island.

Things to do in Madu Ganga River

Madu Ganga Fish Spa

Madu Ganga River is very famous for river safari, today many tour organizer are arrange river safari in Madu Ganga. It is basically more than 2 hour tour and I t gives travelers to experience ecology of area while traveling though mangrove forest.
and another famous activity in the area is world famous Fish Spa. this is open air fish Massage, which fish also held in totally natural environment adjoin to river.

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