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Kithulgala is located 95 km down from Colombo, in the Sabaragamuwa Province. Visitors can reached to Kithulgala by Colombo – Avissawella – Hatton main road. Further It’s set to half way of Hatton to Avissawella. Kithulgala is looped by wooded hills making way to the nippy waters of River Kelani Ganga.
Kithulgala is famous sightseer destination in Sri Lanka who are venture into white water rafting.
h. The nature, birdlife and white water buoying magnet of Kitulgala. During the 1st three month of the year it’s most suitable to enjoy swim and beautiful surroundings.

History of Kithulgala

The name of Kithulgala is deduced from the Kitual Palm tree( Sinhala Sago Palm tree) that pullulate in the vill of Kithulgala. Kitul win saccharinity is used to prepare multitudinous traditional Sinhalese sweets.

Multitudinous kinds of Banana together with other fruits and vegetable are grown in the vill of Kitulgala. The caffs and hospices at Kitulgala are notorious for traditional Sinhalese rice and curry supplemented by the cate of curd candied with Kitul win honey.

Beli Lena grottoes , 8 km from Kitulgala revealed the remains( ten configurations) of” Balangoda Man”, Sri Lanka’s oldest tenant, derived to have lived there 32,000 times agone


Kegalle is located in Sabaragamuwa Province. It’s located on the Colombo- Kandy road and 48 long hauls/ 78 km down from Colombo and 24 Miles/ 40 km down from Kandy. It’s the Capital City of the Kegalle District which is one of the two sections belonging to Sabaragamuwa fiefdom the other being Ratnapura District. District of Kegalle, positioned in between the central mounds and western southern aeroplanes
and has an alluring terrain. Height of the western region is lower than 500 bases from the ocean position while eastern region exceeds 1000 bases. Rubber civilization has stretched over utmost of the District.

And minor import crops similar as coffee, cocoa, pepper, clove and nutmeg takes an important place in the frugality of the District. Sri Lanka’s stylish graphite mine is positioned at Bogala in Kegalle District.

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