Kaudulla National Park: A Complete Guide for Wildlife Enthusiasts

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Kaudulla National Park is a sanctuary for wildlife in Sri Lanka’s Polonnaruwa district. Spanning over an area of 6,656 hectares, the park is home to numerous species of animals and birds, with the centerpiece being the Kaudulla Reservoir. With this article will take a closer look about how to get there to park, the best time to visit, the landscape, spread of the park, the climate, reptiles, wildlife, birdlife, and other important details.

Reaching Kaudulla National Park

Kaudulla Park is located in the Polonnaruwa district and 190 km away from Colombo. You can reach Kaudulla by ColomboTrincomalee main road.
The minneriya is closest railway station and there is entrance from 22km from the north of Habarana village.

Best time to visit Kaudulla National Park

During the period of August and December is The best time to visit Kaudulla , Also During the September to October elephant population in Minneriya Park peaking to over 200. However, you can spot elephants in either one of these parks during any time of the year.
In addition to Kaudulla elephants can be seen at Hurulu Eco-Park (daily 2-6.30 pm) and Minneriya National Park. at least about 30 elephants could be seen in these parks during January to March.

Landscape and spread of Kaudulla National Park

Kaudulla National Park is spreads over an area of 6,656 hectares. The centerpiece of the park is the Kaudulla Reservoir, which covers an area of 6,675 hectares and is surrounded by grasslands and scrubby forest. Two-thirds of the park is underwater during several months of the year.

Kaudulla Park consist of many reservoir such as Minneriya-Kanthale Yoda Ela canal, Aluth Oya stream, Hatharas Kotuwa Oya, Olumadu Wewa reservoir, Relapanawa reservoir and Puliyan Kalla wewa reservor. due to park located close to large reservoirs, two-thirds of the park gets submerged in water for several months each year.

Climate at Kaudulla Park

The average annual rainfall is between 1500 mm. – 2000 mm. mainly from the north-eastern monsoon. Dry weather conditions prevail during the period from April-October in the year. And average temperature is between 20.6 C – 34.5 C during the year.

Reptiles at Kaudulla National Park

Indian Flap shelled Turtle, Freshwater turtles and Indian Black Turtle are various reptiles can be found in the Park

Elephants at Kaudulla Park

Kaudulla National Park was opened in 2002, providing the elephants more expanses in the wilderness and connecting to the elephant corridor between Minneriya and Wasgomuwa parks to the south. Park also connects to Somawathiya National Park from the east. The centerpiece of the park, Kaudulla

Elephant Migration in Kaudulla, Minneriya and Hurulu Eco Park

Kaudulla National Park, Minneriya National Park and Hurulu Eco Park are 3 National Park located closely in region. All three National parks are famous among worldwide travelers for large herds of elephants.
Generally, large elephants groups can be seen at Minneriya Park during July to September,
they migrate to the Kaudulla Park during October to November. Also during the December to March, these elephants herds can be seen at the Hurulu Eco Park.

Therefore, tourists who are keen on experiencing this spectacular elephant migration should plan their visit accordingly. It is best to check with local authorities or a trusted travel agent regarding the best time to visit these parks.


the Kaudulla National Park is a must visit travel destination for wildlife and nature enthusiasts.
visitors are able to witness herds of wild elephants in their natural habitat, and wide range of flora and fauna.
it is a place where visitors can connect with nature and appreciate the beauty of Sri Lanka’s wilderness.
So, make sure to add Kaudulla Park to your itinerary when planning your next Sri Lankan adventure!