Hot Air Ballooning in Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka is the best destination to have hot air ballooning which you should never miss while you travel Sri Lanka. This excursion has caught on fast with both locals and tourists, and for good reason. Drifting over the wildlife park & cultural triangle in a hot air balloon will be a unforgettable experience. In our opinion, nothing beats a hot air balloon excursion across the central plains of Sri Lanka.
key things you should know about hot air ballooning in Sri Lanka.

Why Choose Sri Lanka for Hot Air Ballooning?

It is an ideal destination for hot air ballooning due to its diverse landscape and stunning views. You can experience a bird’s eye view of the countryside, ancient monuments, and man-made lakes from the sky. The central plains of Sri Lanka offer some of the most spectacular hot air balloon rides, with the possibility of spotting wild elephants in their natural habitat.

When is the Best Time to Go Hot Air Ballooning in Sri Lanka?

The best time for hot Air ballooning is December to March when the weather is at its best. The dry season provides clear skies and excellent visibility for the hot air balloon rides. The meeting point is at the Heritance Kandalama grounds or your hotel reception, where you will board the balloon and receive a safety briefing from the Chief Pilot.

Things You can Expect on Your Hot Air Balloon Ride?

The hot air balloon ride will take you on a one-hour flight over the beautiful landscape of Sri Lanka.
You will float over the breathtaking & stunning views of the countryside witnessing beautiful scenery that no one will disturb you to enjoy nature in peace.
You can see elephants are roaming freely in the jungle, buffaloes are in the paddy fields and monkeys are swinging while you Flying over the jungle. The view of Sigiriya, an ancient rock fortress, standing majestically in the distance is very visible with the rising of the sun. Village kids trying to run under the balloon to chase it on bicycles or foot.

After an exciting balloon ride over the jungle, you will be landing to village and welcomed by friendly villagers. They always happy and ready to help pack things away the balloon. You will then be brought back to your hotel by our crew.

Tips for Hot Air Ballooning in Sri Lanka

here are some tips for you to experience safe and enjoyable ride.

Dress casually and comfortably for the weather.
Wear closed toe shoes
Bring hat / cap to protect from the hot sun.
If you wish, you may carry a pack of sweets to throw to kids when flying over their villages or hand them over at the landing site.
Your vehicle can follow you with the chase crew.
maximum Allocate time for balloon excursion is 3 1/2 hours.
generally kids below are of 7 years are not allowed to balloon ride, However kids can accommodate on special request
and pregnant women will not be allowed.
If flight cancelled due to bad weather payment will be fully refunded.
Sigiriya, Habarana, Kandalama, Dambulla are the general pick location and general pick up times is between 4.45 am to 5.30 am. However these pick up times will depend on the pick-up point.

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