Horton Plains National Park

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Horton Plains

Horton Plains National Park located is designated in 1988 and which is located in central highland of Sri Lanka. Horton plains name as few meaning such as “city of light” or “city on the plain (table land)”. It is located about elevation of 6900-7500 ft. the park is most famous for it’s unique climate and it has many varieties of flora and fauna which is some are endemic to country. Further the Horton plain is the location of bringing the headwaters to key main rivers of Sri Lanka Mahaweli, Walawe and Kelani.

Flora and Fauna in the Park

If exploring about animals in the park there is many animals and birds spices are living in the park. large population of Sri Lankan Sambar deers can be seen and many endemic and migrants birds varieties can be seen. currently it has recorded that there is about 24 variety of mammals, 9 reptile spices, 87 birds spices and 8 amphibians spices. In 1940 Sri Lankan elephants are disappeared from the area and recently sambar deers are most commonly seen mammal in the park.

Toque macaques, rusty-spotted cat, purple-faced langurs, Sri Lankan leopards, stripe-necked mongooses, wild boars, Sri Lankan spotted chevrotains, grizzled giant squirrels and Indian muntjacs are other mammals can be seen in the park. And park consist with many plants variations. Approximately 750 plants species has been recorded from the park. most famous tourist attraction destination of Baker’s Falls and World’s End located in the park. Around 54 woody plant species founded in the park, and out of that 27 plants are endemic to Sri Lanka.

It has identified that park has about 16 variety of orchid spices which are endemic and other plants of shrubs including Gaultheria fragrantissima. Rhodomyrtus tomentosa, herbs, Drosera indica, Exacum trinervium and tree ferns.

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