Explore the Unforgettable Scenery of Idalgashinna | A Guide to Idalgashinna

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Idalgashinna is located in UVA Province, Badulla District. It’s most famous travel destination among local and foreign travelers. it’s key landmark icon is Idalgashinna Railway. It is located in center of the Haputale Namunukula mountain Range. Also it’s much popular due to beautiful waterfalls, hiking and lush green tea plantations. 

Location and Geography

It is located in elevation about 5,299 ft above the sea level, and it’s in the mountain rage of Haputale – Namunukula.
Idalgashinna Tea cultivation has started since 1984. It was names as main entrance to upcountry during the period of Portuguese war against Kingdom of Kandy

What are Things Idalgashinna famous for

It is famous for many activities and things to do among the travelers including,
Nature Exploring and Photography
Foggy and Misty weather 

How to Reach Idalgashinna

  • Most famous option is travel by train, you can get off from Idalgashinna Railway station and select option of walking or rent vehicle
  • Next option is You can use your own transport to reach

Things to follow while you travel

  • Take water bottles to drink
  • Use Repellent for protect from leech  
  • Wear suitable attire to protection from thorns and other harmful things
  • Follow proper direction
  • Protect wildlife and  Don’t disturb them 

Best period to travel

Idalgashinna is place you can travel anytime of the year, However it is consider as during the January, March and period of June to September is best time to travel. 


overall Idalgashinna is best place to add beautiful memories to your life. you will able do hiking, camping, explore lush green tea estate and feel misty and cool climate which helps to relax your body and mind. 

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