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Sri Lanka, the “Island of Gems,” has several valuable jewels. People have prized Sri Lankan gems for millennia because of their color, purity, and strength. Sapphires, blue, pink, yellow, or colored are the country’s specialty. Ruby, emerald, alexandrite, and spinel are additional precious jewels from Sri Lanka. Because of their beauty and quality, collectors and jewelry lovers love Sri Lankan gems. The mining sector drives Sri Lanka’s economy, and the world values its jewels.

History of Sri Lankan Gems

Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa were the first to extract and trade Sri Lankan diamonds around 2,500 years ago. India, Persia, and the Arab world traded jewels with Sri Lanka throughout the Middle Ages. The gem business expanded in the 20th century, using old and modern mining methods. Gem mining and sales are a major aspect of Sri Lanka’s economy. Sri Lankan gems’ unusual hues and superb quality make them prized worldwide.

Mining and Production

People use traditional techniques to dig Sri Lankan gems. Miners hand-harvest gemstones from gravel beds and alluvial deposits using chisels, hammers, and sieves. After mining, experts sort, grade, and trim the gemstones to maximize their beauty and value. Sri Lankan gemstones are prized for their purity, color, and cutting. Skilled miners and artisans maintain the excellent grade of Sri Lankan diamonds, which makes them highly sought-after.

Gemstone Varieties

Sri Lanka offers several gemstones with distinct properties. Sapphire is particularly popular for engagement rings and other luxury jewelry. Rubies, sometimes termed “pigeon’s blood,” are precious. High-end jewelry uses rare, high-quality emeralds. Alexandrite, a rare gemstone whose color changes with light,is considered one of the most precious. Spinel, a rare gemstone used in luxury jewelry, is red, blue, pink,or purple. Tourmaline has numerous uses and hues.

Characteristics of Sri Lankan Gems

People know that Sri Lankan gems stand out from other parts of the world because of their unique qualities. These include their deep, bright colors, high clarity, high-quality cutting, rarity,and durability. They are also used in fine jewelry due to their durability and strong crystal structure.

Popular Cuts and Settings

Sri Lankan gemstones are cut and set in many different ways to show off their beauty and raise their value. These include the round brilliant cut, princess cut, cushion cut, emerald cut, and bezel setting. The round brilliant cut brings out the stone’s brilliance and sparkle to its fullest, while the princess cut is a square or rectangle with pointed corners. There are two common shapes for engagement rings: the cushion cut, with its rounded sides, and the emerald cut, a more traditional square shape. The bezel setting keeps the stone safe and makes it look better, while the prong setting is a classic way to set a gemstone.

Caring for Sri Lankan Gems

Gems mined in Sri Lanka need regular maintenance to preserve their luster and value. To do this, it is important to carefully store them, clean them often, be careful when wearing them, and have a professional jeweler look at and clean them regularly. With this method, any signs of wear or damage to the gems may caught before they become a problem.


Sri Lankan gems are some of the most beautiful and expensive gems in the world, valued for their high quality, unique color,and clearness. They are a must-see for anyone who likes gemstones, collects them, or appreciates the beauty of natural gems

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