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Pigeon Island is a small and beautiful island located in off to the northeastern coast of Sri Lanka. due to it’s strategic value of location it has been used as a center for spice trading under different colonial in Sri Lanka. Further it was used as a war site during colonial wars such as, the French-British Wars & the Portuguese-Dutch Wars. In 20th Century this was define as National park and today it’s famous for diving, snorkeling and wildlife. Today it is a protected area due to it’s important ecosystem and an important site for the upholding of Sri Lanka’s natural and cultural heritage.

Importance of Pigeon Island

It is an important location for its unique ecosystem, stunning natural beauty, and rich cultural and historical significance. The island was used as a spice trading center in the 16th century, and played a role in the colonial wars of the 17th and 18th centuries.

The Natural Beauty

Pigeon Island boasts some of the most breathtaking landscapes and picturesque beaches in Sri Lanka. The island is a nature lover’s heaven because to its pristine surroundings and plenty of lush greenery. White sand beaches, gentle slopes, and tall coconut palms are typical island scenery.

Pigeon Island’s beaches are a must-see for swimming, sunbathing, and relaxation. Nilaveli and Uppuveli beaches on the island’s east coast have kilometers of white sand and pure blue seas. The west coast of the island is more rugged, with rocky cliffs and secluded coves that are ideal for exploring.

Flora and fauna of the Pigeon island – Sri Lanka
It is home to many varieties of flora & fauna. Specially wetlands & mangrove forest become habitat to many birds varieties such as herons, egrets and kingfishers.

Best time to visit

It is at its most pleasant between November and April, during Sri Lanka’s dry season. Travelers may anticipate packed tour itineraries and crowded beaches throughout the dry season. The monsoon season, from May to October, can bring heavy rain and rough seas.

The Cultural Significance

It is much important location of Sri Lanka’s cultural heritage. The island was been a war site of battles during few colonial wars, such as the Portuguese & Dutch Wars, as well as French & British Wars. It was a key center for spice trading during the 16th and 17th centuries.

Things to Do in Pigeon Island

  • Birds and wildlife watching
  • Snorkeling
  • Diving
  • Cultural tours in Island

How to Get to Pigeon Island
Pigeon Island is located in near Nilaveli town in the northeastern province of Sri Lanka, following methods are the main ways to reach the Pigeon Island:
Taxi: Visitors can directly reach to the Island by taxi and Taxis are available in close by cities such as Trincomalee, Uppuveli and Nilaveli,
Bus: These is frequent bus services are available from Uppuveli, Nilaveli and Trincomalee to Pigeon Island. there is only short distance walk to the island after the get down from by bus near to the Island.
Boat: There is boat services are available From Nilaveli to Pigeon Island. Visitors can arrange private boat tour and can join to group tour. Some boat services provide opportunity to dive and snorkeling in coral reefs.


Pigeon Island is a important and must-visit travel destination in Sri Lanka for any traveler. It provides Diving, Snorkeling, bird watching, hiking, beach relaxing and cultural excursions. Visitors also can experience natural beauty of Sri Lanka and explore culture. Pigeon Island offers every traveler to nature, history, or a calm holiday.

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