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The Ambuluwawa Wildlife Complex and Sri Lanka’s First Multi-Religious Center It is in the Gampola neighborhood of Kandy. This trigonometrical station has a towering freestanding tower representing a Buddhist stupa, a Hindu Kovil, a Muslim Mosque, and a Christian Church. The tower rises to a height of around 48 meters (3,567 feet), with a stairway reminiscent of Tim Burton’s allowing access to the summit of the tower. Then you might be able to see amazing views of nearby mountains, forests, rivers, and cities in every direction.

Biodiversity in Ambuluwawa

Ambuluwawa Mountain, which is stands at an elevation of around 3,560 meters above sea level. It is a very straight forward hike that rewards hikers with breathtaking views of the landscape. It has about 200 plant varieties and 80 plant species including several medicinal plants, and it is home to evergreen woods, blooming flower plants, and creepers.
Ambuluwawa is bounded by the Piduruthalagala Mountains to the east, the Bathalegala Mountains to the west, the Adam’s Peak Mountains to the south, and the Knuckles Mountain Range to the north. The beauty of the location is enhanced by the these fact, in addition to these mountains range, can view a great deal of other mountains ranges such as the Algalla and Kadugannawa mountain ranges, as well as the Hanthana and Hunnasigiri mountain chains. This contributes to the area’s wonderful mountain air. The area around Ambuluwawa Hill and its forest have been set aside as the Ambuluwawa ICC Forest Reservation.

When did they build the Ambuluwawa tower?

The summit of it is also steeped in history. This hill served as King Buwanekabahu IV’s Gampola kingdom’s epicenter in the 13th century. Nonetheless, this location is not very noteworthy historically or archaeologically.

Instructions on how to reach it.
Kandy to Gampola through Peradeniya and Gelioya on the Colombo–Kandy Road. Trains go to Gamopla town. Kandy to Nawalapitiya, Gampola. Ambuluwawa ICC Road leads to wildlife complex. Kandy to Gampola is 26km, although the final five kilometers up the mountain take an hour. You can drive to the mountaintop on the road. Public transit cannot reach it Tower. Gampola town also has tuk-tuks.
Gampola city’s winding, carpeted route up the hill is delightful. The road width allows large trucks to pass. Watch for buses. Allow extra space for hairpin turns. Views over the cliff edge will give you shivers as you climb the mountain. The final kilometer isn’t great, so stop at the parking lot and take a tuk-tuk. Walking from here is steep and hot by late morning.

Visit the top of Ambuluwawa Tower.

The mountain’s most striking feature is the 48m (160 ft) Ambuluwawa tower. It’s odd and resembles a Dr. Seuss book. An interior staircase from the tower’s base leads you about a third of the way up to another observation platform with great views. If you’re adventurous and not frightened of heights, the steps continue up the tower, this time curving around the exterior and growing narrower and more rickety as they go higher. On the top portion, the steps narrow to 12 inches, and the tower’s sides tilt outward, forcing you to lean over the barrier.

How much time do you need to reach the top of it Tower?

Climbing Ambuluwawa Tower takes 1.5 hours, depending on fitness. Hiking Ambuluwawa temple is safe, although the elderly, children, and height-phobic should not do so. Leaning on the railing to take photos, particularly at the top, is dangerous since you might fall.
Photography drones must be approved before use.

Ambuluwawa Temple Hours

Visit Ambuluwawa Tower from 8:30 to 5:00. Poya days are open. Since most tourists come between 11 and 2, it might become hectic.

Price of an Ambuluwawa Ticket
Tickets to Ambuluwawa cost $0.25 (about LKR 50) for locals and $2 (around LKR 300) for foreigners.

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