Benefits of Salad

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Benefits of Salad


Today most of the men and women are much more conscious about their good health so they mostly select good healthy foods for their daily meal. Among those meals Salads has importance benefits. many people believe that adding salad to to their daily meal is healthy choice.
When you select it’s more important to understand the nutritional facts of salad, Leafy vegetables Salad is good choice for healthy diet because it’s naturally low in sodium and calories, also not contain cholesterol.

Salad greens are contain of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Calcium, fiber, beta-carotene, folate, and phytonutrients. Healthy Salads also helping you to maintain a good healthy mind and body. It also help overflowing with antioxidants and essential chemicals to fight against the cancer causing free radicals. It’s important use as much as most of the ingredients in it’s raw form to get maximum benefits of salad.

Fiber Rich Fruit and Vegetable Salad

Fiber is most important fact, it provide many health benefits and helps to feel full longer. because it can alleviate and also lower cholesterol and prevent constipation. It also reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease by maintaining healthy body and weight. it helps you to maintain blood sugar in steady level.

Salad Help to get Water to Body

Most of them not aware that vegetables an fruits contain amount of water, if fact watermelon has about 92% of water and some lettuces and cucumber has about 96% of water. Hence it is more important to eat combination of fruits and vegetable salad with high content of water because it helps to maintain daily water level of your body.

Further good water level help to absorbed the foods and vitamins to your body. broccoli, spanish, tomatoes, oranges, peaches and grapfruit are some high water content fruits and vegetables you can add to your daily meals.

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