10 Best things to do in Negombo

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Overview of Negombo

Negombo is Located in west Cost in Sri Lanka in Western province and it’s second large city of western province. Negombo is close to Bandaranayake International Airport and there is about 38Km from Colombo to Negombo via Express way. Negombo is famous travel destination due to beautiful sandy beach and large fishing industry.
Climate : Hot & humidity throughout the year, average temperature between 24 -30 Celcius and rain starts from May to August & from October to January
The Negombo city area has many famous churches and places and buildings with unique architectural design which is help to get tourist attraction from the world and that’s helps to add cultural value to city.


The Sinhala name for Migamuwa (English – Negombo)and different folks are adjoin with this name from History.
Around the 17th & 18th centuries, the Muslim Arabs started trading in cinnamon from Negombo.
In the early 1500 the Portuguese captured the city and took the Cinnamon business from the Muslim Arabs
The Dutch captured the city from Portuguese in 1644 and improved the town and fort
The British Captured the Negombo town in 1976 without resistance.

Best Place to Visit in Negombo

1. Negombo Beach


Negombo beach is one of the most beautiful & famous travel location in western of Sri Lanka. Negombo beach most popular due to golden sandy beach and it has long stretch which is suitable for long walk. Negombo beach is best place to relaxing your mind from busy lifestyle while experiencing untouched wind.
Since Negombo beach area Surrounded with beautiful hotels and luxury restaurants, it has become famous holiday destination among tourist.

2. Negombo Lagoon

Negombo Lagoon is sensitive and biodiversity rich environment. it has many kind of fish varieties including Crab, lobsters and Prawns. Negombo Lagoon is one of the largest lagoon in Sri Lanka and one in west Sri Lanka. It brings iconic beauty to the city. Negombo lagoon has many travel attraction and there is boat trips are available to explore the beauty of lagoon which is starting form Dutch canal. it is rich with variety of Flora and fauna specially rich with mangrove forest.

3. Dutch Fort Negombo

Negombo Dutch fort located close to Negombo seafront, However today most of the part of dutch are ruins and only clock tower and few more place are available to witness. Initially Negombo fort was built by Portuguese, and 1640 Dutch was rebuilt the fort after they captured it from Portuguese. Once it’s captured by British it was converted to prison and today its continue as same.

4. Negombo Fish Market

The Negombo Fish Market located near to the old dutch fort gate. it also known as “Lellama” by locals. Negombo fish market is one of the largest fish market in country. you will able to witness many fishermen boats are bringing fresh seafood to sell in market in everyday morning. dry fish market also located next fish market.

5. Muthurajawela Marsh

Muthurajawela is biodiversity rich marshy land which is spread through nearly 6,000 hectares. Muthurajawela rich with different varieties of flora and fauna, approximately it home to 192 flora varieties and 209 fauna varieties. In 1996 Muthurajawela has been declared as Sanctuary by the government. boat rides in Muthurajawela is very famous attraction among travellers.

6. Hamilton Canal

Hamilton Lake Negombo

Hamilton Canal connect Colombo to Puttalam with over 120Km distance. travellers can enjoy scenic bicycle ride throughout the canal path. further boat ride also available on the canal. this canal was designed to facilitate transport to harbor in past.

7. Morawala Beach, Negombo

Morawala Beach is famous travel location in Negombo. it’s bring scenery beauty to city. most travellers who visit Negombo do not forget to visit this beautiful sandy beach. any day though out the year you can visit Morawala Beach and witness beautiful sunset while relaxing on the beach.

8. St. Mary’s Church, Negombo

Negombo is city with majority of Roman Catholics due to that Negombo city has many churches, out of that St. Mary’s church has special attraction.St.Mary’s Church is located in heart of the Negombo city and it was the largest cathedral in Sri Lanka. Locally it’s name as “Maha Veediya Palliya”. Church is about 140 years old and it was famous it’s architectural design and paintings.

9. Angurukaramulla Temple (Bodhirajaramaya)

Angurukaramulla Temple is most popular temple among visitors. its attract many travellers due to it’s architecture. it has large Buddha Statue and Dragon mouth as entrance to the temple. it has many paintings & murals on the ceiling also it has ruined ancient library which is old over 300 years.

10. Negombo Beach Park

Beach park is most famous travel location among tourist as well as local travellers. beach park area is consist with little street food shops and travellers can get different bite items from there. also it is next to all the famous hotels in Negombo beach area. most of the tourist has sea bath in beach near park however it’s always recommend to follow guideline prior to sea bath for your safety.

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